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VitaMist™ invented spray supplements in 1983. Made in the USA at our FDA-registered facility, our sprays are used by millions of people globally. Our patented Micro Droplet Technology ensures a more effective dose and faster absorption rate than pills.

How Our Sprays Work

Our easy-to-use spray head dispenses nano-sized droplets for quick, complete absorption by your body—in seconds. Spray is administered by pushing down on the pump and releasing a precise, fine mist that is sprayed directly into the mouth. VitaMist's spray tubes provide a full 30-Day Supply at 100% daily dosage.

Spray It. Taste It. Feel It.

An efficient alternative to taking vitamins and supplements.

Why Sprays Work Better

Our pioneering nutritional supplements are sprayed into the mouth, which makes taking your vitamins easy and tasty to do every day. Sublingual vitamins bypass your gut and go straight into your bloodstream—this allows your body to use them faster and more effectively. And, since it is a spray, there is no capsule or pill coating to swallow.

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