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Why Are Oral Sprays Better?

Oral spray nutritional supplements are simply superior to taking capsules or chewables. Very few of us enjoy swallowing pills, and many are not physically able to. Our patented oral spray delivery system is a convenient, pleasant-tasting alternative that is 90% more effective.

How Do I Take An Oral Spray?

Gently shake the tube. Then simply spray into the mouth preferably onto the inside of the cheeks, hold in the mouth, and then swallow. Suggested use is 3 sprays to receive the recommended dose as indicated on the label.

Do I Need to Take Sprays With Food?

This is not necessary since the nutrients are already in absorbable form, unlike capsule or gummie form. Our oral sprays do not require food to absorb ,but they can be taken with food if desired.

Do Your Oral Sprays Taste Good?

VitaMist oral spray products are flavored with natural organic fruits and mints. Some of our products are further sweetened using stevia leaf extract.

How Long Does An Oral Spray Bottle Last?

Each VitaMist tube (vial) contains a one-month (30-day) supply when used as suggested.

How Should I Store Oral Sprays?

VitaMist oral sprays should be stored at room temperature in an upright position.

How Do I Not Run Out Of Oral Sprays?

Yes, when you are ready to add a product to your cart simply select our “Subscribe & Save” option. Your order will repeat based on the timeline you that select—every month, 2 months, or 6 months. Subscribing provides instant savings, and you will never worry about running out ever again.

Are VitaMist Oral Sprays High-Quality?

Our oral sprays are developed in our own GMP Certified, FDA-Registered manufacturing facility. We use only the highest quality and purest ingredients, which are tested for their purity and active compounds by an independent laboratory and confirmed with a certificate of analysis.

Who Are Your Oral Sprays Safe For?

VitaMist oral sprays are sutiable for many categories of people because they are All Natural, Hypoallergenic, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, MSG Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, No Colors, No Flavors, Fructose Free, Preservative Free, Sugar Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Fish Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, Yeast Free, Without Additives.

What Do Vitamin Supplements Do For Me?

Vitamins are important micronutrients required by the body to carry out a range of normal functions. However, these micronutrients are not produced in the body and therefore must be derived from the outside sources such as supplements.

Is There Any Science Behind Oral Sprays?

Scientific research is the starting point for everything VitaMist does, we constantly track all of the emerging science and clicnical trials on nutrition to utilize in our products.

Customer Testimonials

"VitaMist is a company that I truly love to work with. I highly recommend their oral spray supplements. I use them myself and give them to my whole family. They are a brand that I really feel good about using and recommending."

Customer Testimonial 1 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Dani B.Admin Assistant

"I recently discovered VitaMist as a alternative to capsule and gummy vitamins. As a doctor, sublingual supplements are much more proven and effective. This brand offers the very best on the market that I have come across."

Customer Testimonial 2 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Allan R.Physician

"I have been using VitaMist sprays for years, and buy them for all of my friends and family. There are a lot of mass produced vitamins out there that use bad ingredients and fillers. But these are organic, non-GMO, non-MSG, etc."

Customer Testimonial 3 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Paula M.Marketing Manager

"I signed up for the VitaMist subscription plan, and now I get my vitamins delivered right to my door without having to remember to go to the store. These spray vitamins taste great, work instantly, and never upset my stomach!"

Customer Testimonial 4 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Ryan W.Engineer

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Committed to Your Wellness Solutions
Our commitment to your good health lies at the core of every product we make—with high-quality ingredients and backed by forty years of research, science, and innovation. We create science-backed oral sprays, powered by the VitaMist brand, to fit your lifestyle needs and specific conditions. Our spray supplements are also designed to fit in your pocket, purse, desk, or console of your car, so you can take them on the go and never miss taking you vitamins or minerals. So why carry around a heavy bottle of capsules or gummies when you can carry around something about as big as a pen. How is that for ultimate convenience! And they are even TSA approved, so enjoy a vitamin boost while you are on a plane. Your lifelong wellness starts with VitaMist.