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Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Healthy Living Through Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced society, health conscious individuals of all ages are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and easily-accessible vitamin brand. With a near 40-year legacy of providing vitamins and supplements backed by science, VitaMist is here to support your health and wellness needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Dedicated to Nature and Science

VitaMist spray vitamins and supplements are designed with organic, curated ingredients inspired by nature and backed by science. Great attention has been given to crafting our products to achieve exceptional quality, including no artificial flavors, artificial colors, sugar, starch, gluten, salt, or dairy. In addition, the company proudly upholds the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and meets all of the standards set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Next Generation of Delivery

With expertise in ingredient science and delivery technologies, VitaMist has a long proven track record for making unique, quality nutritionals within its specialized oral spray system. The company is at the forefront of next generation delivery as more and more industries wake up to the benefits of using its unique platform as a means to deliver active ingredients.

Nebula Scientific - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Nebula Scientific

Nebula Scientific owns and operates Mayor Laboratories, the manufacturer of the VitaMist products, and is comprised of a team of industry experts who strive to bring innovation to the Nutraceutical space through next generation technologies. Its Mission is to Redefine Nutrition Consumption. By re-evaluating today’s methods of delivery, the company opens up oral micro-mist sprays and vaping/inhalation as opportunities beyond the traditional norms.

Mayor Labs - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Mayor Labs

In 1983, Mayor Labs invented and patented the most exciting technological breakthrough since supplements came into existence, supplements in oral spray tubes. Since then, it has been leading the nutritionals industry by developing, formulating, and manufacturing nutritional sprays from start to finish in its own certified facility. The company offers both branded and custom private label formulations manufactured into its patented liquid spray dispensers, which provide the highest standards of quality.

VitaMist - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays


VitaMist invented and patented oral spray vitamins, minerals, and supplements over forty years ago because they work instantly and are 90% more effective than capsules or gummies. The oral sprays are administered by pushing down on the pump and releasing a precise, fine mist that is sprayed directly into the mouth. The sprays do not have to be taken with food, water, or at any set time of the day, and they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, paleos, and coeliacs.

Customer Testimonials

"VitaMist is a company that I truly love to work with. I highly recommend their oral spray supplements. I use them myself and give them to my whole family. They are a brand that I really feel good about using and recommending."

Customer Testimonial 1 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Dani B.Admin Assistant

"I recently discovered VitaMist as a alternative to capsule and gummy vitamins. As a doctor, sublingual supplements are much more proven and effective. This brand offers the very best on the market that I have come across."

Customer Testimonial 2 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Allan R.Physician

"I have been using VitaMist sprays for years, and buy them for all of my friends and family. There are a lot of mass produced vitamins out there that use bad ingredients and fillers. But these are organic, non-GMO, non-MSG, etc."

Customer Testimonial 3 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Paula M.Marketing Manager

"I signed up for the VitaMist subscription plan, and now I get my vitamins delivered right to my door without having to remember to go to the store. These spray vitamins taste great, work instantly, and never upset my stomach!"

Customer Testimonial 4 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Ryan W.Engineer

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Oral Spray Supplement Manufacture and Experts
In 40+ years in the nutritional products industry, we use the very best ingredients in the world for our oral sprays. We formulate our spray supplements to maximize the nutritional benefits for your body. All of our spray vitamins are Made in USA, and manufactured in our FDA-registered and GMP-certified laboratory. We always test the purity, potency, and quality of our vitamin oral sprays and supplement oral sprays to guarantee what is in the product exactly matches what is on the label.