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Mayor Laboratories - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Scientific Literature

Scientific research is the starting point for everything VitaMist does, we constantly track all of the emerging science on nutrition. Our team of scientists evaluates each oral spray to ensure that the science shows it to be safe and that it provides a benefit to our customers. Through this process, we often choose to develop and manufacture new and innovative dietary supplements with evidence-based scientific support.

Public Studies

We strongly believe that vitamins and supplements deserve more independent academic and institutional research. We are proud that VitaMist oral supplements are sought out for clinical research studies by the leading science and health institutions because they can count on our products’ quality and effectiveness. Over the last century, liquid, sublingingual, and oral spray supplements have been utilized or cited in many clinical studies.

Clinical Trials

We constantly evaluate and substantiate the scientific basis for our products by monitoring and examining clinical trials involving dietary supplements. Beyond our oral sprays, we are committed to advancing Evidenced-Based Nutrition (EBN) science—an inclusive research model that considers the totality of all available clinical evidence. Our experts work closely with healthcare professionals during their clinical studies to better understand the human body and what supports people’s health.

Clinical Trials - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Capsules vs Oral Sprays

A Comparison of Capsules and Oral Spray Solution as Methods of Delivering Vitamin D3 and Raising Status: a Randomised Crossover Study. The aim of this clinical study is to compare the effectiveness of a vitamin D3 oral spray solution versus capsules at raising Vitamin D status over winter.

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Sublingual Sprays in COVID-19 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Sublingual Sprays in COVID-19

The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of the high dose Vitamin D supplementation, in the form of a sublingual sprayable microemulsion, on laboratory markers of systemic inflammation such as CRP, ferritin, and IL-6 in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

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International Journal of Pharmarcy and Biological Sciences - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Effective Intra Oral Sprays

Oral supplement sprays are the fastest, most effective, and comfortable way to take nutrients, minerals, and vitamins into the body. This study explores sprays and their unique property of rapidly releasing nutrients within the oral cavity.

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Oral Vitamin C for Inflammation - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Oral Vitamin C for Inflammation

This cross-over study is designed to elucidate if oral Vitamin C supplementation can reduce inflammation status in maintenance dialysis patients with low Vitamin C level and high CRP level.

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Psychology Today - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Sublingual Vitamin Benefits

This article researches sublingual vitamins, which are digested differently and more efficiently than traditional capsules. Nutrients are absorbed instantly without having to go through the gastrointestinal tract and aren’t broken down by stomach acid.

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Oral Spray B12 for Canker Sores - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Oral B12 for Canker Sores

Recurrent painful canker sores within the mouth (Recurrent aphthous stomatitis, RAS) are a common phenomenon in modern medicine. This clinical trial examines if daily sublingual Vitamin B12 is a treatment for reducing and diminishing the symptomatology of RAS.

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International Journal of Open Surgery - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays

Oral D for Abdominal Pain

This study aims to examine the effectiveness of Vitamin D spray reducing the symptoms of abdominal pain. Primary research suggests that Vitamin D spray may have an effect in relieving pain.

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Customer Testimonials

"VitaMist is a company that I truly love to work with. I highly recommend their oral spray supplements. I use them myself and give them to my whole family. They are a brand that I really feel good about using and recommending."

Customer Testimonial 1 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Dani B.Admin Assistant

"I recently discovered VitaMist as a alternative to capsule and gummy vitamins. As a doctor, sublingual supplements are much more proven and effective. This brand offers the very best on the market that I have come across."

Customer Testimonial 2 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Allan R.Physician

"I have been using VitaMist sprays for years, and buy them for all of my friends and family. There are a lot of mass produced vitamins out there that use bad ingredients and fillers. But these are organic, non-GMO, non-MSG, etc."

Customer Testimonial 3 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Paula M.Marketing Manager

"I signed up for the VitaMist subscription plan, and now I get my vitamins delivered right to my door without having to remember to go to the store. These spray vitamins taste great, work instantly, and never upset my stomach!"

Customer Testimonial 4 - Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplement Oral Sprays
Ryan W.Engineer

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Scientific Proof for Vitamins and Supplements
Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients required by the body to carry out a range of normal functions. However, these micro nutrients are not produced in our bodies and must be derived from dietary supplements. After years of clinical trials, professionals agree that many ailments are caused by vitamin deficiencies and that oral spray supplements are the best for helping people avoid such diseases of deficiency. The National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) and the National Instittutes of Health develops nutrient reference values called the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for vitamins and minerals. The guidelines for good nutrition are based on available scientific reports of deficiency and toxicity of each nutrient.