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Molecular Oral Buccal Absorption

Molecular Oral Buccal Absorption

May 08, 2024

Cody Knudsen

M.O.B.A. is unique oral supplement delivery system is supported by the
Prestigious Physicians' Desk Reference, as the best way to achieve the nutritional supplement levels that your body demands. Molecular Oral Buccal Absorption, or in other words “spraying into the mouth”, plays a key role in the procuring of better health. It is the most efficient, quickest, and consistent way to fuel your body with essential, ailment-fighting nutrients.

M.O.B.A. Process Explained In 3 Easy Steps
Step 1: Through the means of a natural, non-aerosol pump, the purest forms of nutrients are sprayed directly into the mouth, onto the inside of the cheeks.

Step 2: The molecular size nutrients in the micro-sized droplets are rapidly absorbed through the buccal mucosa, that is the tissue lining the inside of the mouth, and then into the numerous capillaries and veins which lie close to the surface. 

Step 3: Within seconds, the pure nutrients are in the bloodstream through which they are transported directly throughout the entire body.

Advantages of Molecular Oral Buccal Absorption
The main benefit of M.O.B.A. can be felt almost immediately. Oral absorption protects nutrients from the first pass metabolism by the liver, which takes place if absorption is from the stomach or other parts of the lower GI tract. First pass metabolism can destroy much of an active ingredient. Even injections, which are also far superior to pills, take hours longer to reach the same blood levels as oral absorption.

Oral sprays can be easily administered every three to four hours, maintaining a more constant distribution and proper concentration of nutrients throughout the body. Sprays are “pure” and do not contain fillers or binders, common to the make-up of pills and capsules. When absorption, bioavailability, and purity are taken into account; sprays are more economical than pills or capsules 

Sprays can be taken anywhere and used without water. This convenience helps cut down on missed doses, increasing the level of health and energy. Sprays eliminate the “awkwardness” and occasional danger of having to swallow a bulky pill. Sprays are safe for all ages, especially children and the elderly. Sprays are ideal for those suffering from digestive disorders that can prevent or hinder the absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. Sprays are 90% more effective, allowing your body to best utilize the nutrients ingested.

A New Way of Taking Your Vitamins Is Here
Molecular Oral Buccal Absorption is now the preferred delivery method for vitamins, dietary supplements, and various nutrients containing minerals, amino acids, and herbs. It’s the fastest, most effective and most convenient way to get a daily dose of the essential nutrients your body needs to fight disease and stay healthy. Nutrients must be broken down to the molecular level to cross cellular membranes, or they’re not doing you any good. The likelihood that a pill, tablet or even a capsule will break down to that extreme is remote at best. That’s why nutrients absorbed by oral absorption (spraying) are far superior. They’re a pure and readily bioavailable nutrient that is quickly absorbed and feeding your cells in a matter of minutes.

Spray supplements are now the preferred delivery form for hospital patients. Studies have shown that, when taken orally, drugs are released at a controlled rate allowing for full absorption. Within seconds, the supplement is working to restore the body. Supplements in spray form allows for full mouth absorption. A metered dose is sprayed into the mouth, on the lining of the cheeks, to sustain predictable, accurate, and effective results.