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How Oral Sprays Work

VitaMist Oral Sprays Vitamins work instantly, taste great, fit in your pocket, don't require water to take, and absorb 90% better than capsules, powders, or gummies! Our easy-to-use spray head dispenses nano-sized droplets for quick, complete absorption by your body—in seconds. Spray is administered by pushing down on the pump and releasing a precise, fine mist that is sprayed directly into the mouth. VitaMist's spray tubes provide a full 30-Day Supply at 100% daily dosage.

Spray. Taste. Feel.

Oral sprays taste great and work instantly.

Rapid Absorption

Capillaries in the mouth provide the ideal entry point for supplements to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

Powerful Retention

Vitamins taken via an oral spray are not subjected to the acids in the stomach and do not have to pass through the liver.

Maximum Potency

Spraying vitamins and supplements has a 90% more effective rate than swallowing or chewing.

VitaMist Oral Spray Vitamins & Supplements

Why Sprays Work Better

Our pioneering nutritional supplements are sprayed into the mouth, which makes taking your vitamins easy and tasty to do every day. Sublingual vitamins bypass your gut and go straight into your bloodstream—this allows your body to use them faster and more effectively. And, since it is a spray, there is no capsule or pill coating to swallow.

Customer Testimonials

"VitaMist is a company that I truly love to work with. I highly recommend their oral spray supplements. I use them myself and give them to my whole family. They are a brand that I really feel good about using and recommending."

Dani B.Admin Assistant

"I recently discovered VitaMist as a alternative to capsule and gummy vitamins. As a doctor, sublingual supplements are much more proven and effective. This brand offers the very best on the market that I have come across."

Allan R.Physician

"I have been using VitaMist sprays for years, and buy them for all of my friends and family. There are a lot of mass produced vitamins out there that use bad ingredients and fillers. But these are organic, non-GMO, non-MSG, etc."

Paula M.Marketing Manager

"I signed up for the VitaMist subscription plan, and now I get my vitamins delivered right to my door without having to remember to go to the store. These spray vitamins taste great, work instantly, and never upset my stomach!"

Ryan W.Engineer

VitaMist™ invented oral spray supplements back in 1983. Made in the USA at our FDA-registered facility, our sprays are now used by millions of people worldwide. Our patented Micro Droplet Technology ensures a fast-acting dose with a more effective absorption rate than pills.
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Spray Vitamins and Supplements You Can Trust

Sometimes a healthy diet is still not enough for adults to meet their nutritional needs. It can be challenging to get all your essential nutrients from food, so vitamins and supplements can help fill the gap. VitaMist™ is the #1 spray vitamin and supplement brand, we invented and patented spray vitamins over forty years ago. All our spray vitamins and spray supplements are made from quality ingredients, ensuring that you provide your body the very best every single day. Our vitamin sprays help supplement a healthy diet, while our other supplements support additional wellness needs, such as occasional sleep support and stress relief. If you are looking to purchase vitamins online, our wide selection has you covered. Each person is different, which is why our spray supplements were created to help support a wide range of needs, including diet supplements and fitness supplements. We invite you to come and shop our dietary supplement spray selection today to find the right solution for you.