VitaMist Range

We have been busy reformulating our new range to ensure we bring the very best products to you – check them out now in our shop below:

Pioneers in MISTING since 1983

VITA (the Latin word for life) accurately describes our goal of helping you negotiate what today’s world throws at you, so you can go and live YOUR best life.

Our Story

VitaMist exists out of our desire for all our friends, families and customers to live healthier lives and to be able to do so in an innovative and convenient way.

Since 1983, we have been pioneering the use of oral spray technologies to focused markets. Today, we are opening the product line to the global market place, having the original patented vitamin and nutrition oral spray solution, which offers our consumers the opportunity to enjoy their daily vitamins with minimal fuss and maximum taste. Through our Micro Droplet Technology spray platforms, we ensure you receive effective vitamin uptake and efficacy, at a higher and faster rate than if you took your vitamins in capsule or pill form.