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We are here for you - offering health-conscious consumers around the world a convenient, effective and enjoyable way to onboard their daily essential nutrients.



Pioneers in MISTING since 1983

Since 1983, we have been pioneering the use of Oral Spray Technologies. Today, we have the original patented oral spray solution, which offers our consumers the opportunity to enjoy their daily vitamins with minimal fuss and maximum taste. Through our Micro Droplet Technology spray platforms, we ensure you receive effective vitamin uptake and efficacy, at a higher and faster rate than if you took your vitamins in capsule or pill form.


Pioneers in MISTING since 1983

‘VITA” means Life – and our goal is to create supplements, vitamins and minerals that give every human, no matter their gender, age or health concerns, the essential nutrients they need to live a full, healthy, & best Life.


Mayor Labs is established as the pioneer in the Nutritional Oral Spray market


Mayor Labs is awarded the patent for the spray method of administering vitamins


VITAMIST brand is created and launched to the world


Over one million units of VITAMIST shipped worldwide


Mayor Labs/Vitamist published and recognized in the Physician’s Desk Reference


Mayor Labs/VITAMIST is acquired by Nebula Scientific to boost scale and global reach


VITAMIST is rebranded and relaunched with an optimized and improved product portfolio

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Our Best Sellers

VitaMist Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, supporting a healthy immune system and contributing to normal muscle function

VitaMist ATP-Fuel

VitaMist ATP-Fuel Oral Spray is specially formulated to supplement the body with the nutrients it needs to assist with energy release throughout your day.

VitaMist Vitamin C+Zinc

VitaMist’s Vitamin C formulation utilizes a number of synergistic bioactive constituents designed to support the body’s immune system.


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